Book #2 of Trilogy Now Available

LOMS Cover
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The first two historical novels in my “Trent Carter” series, set in Northern New Mexico, are available now, through
In the introductory novel, ACT OF CONTRITION, Trent Carter is a sixty-something, washed up veteran and retired cop recuperating from injuries physical, mental, and emotional. He blames himself for his wife’s death, drinks and smokes too much, and lives with a mangy orange tomcat while trying to avoid the advances of an attractive local widow.
He finds himself suddenly pulled out of retirement to investigate several seemingly unrelated “cold case” murders, including the discovery of skeletal remains buried under an old theater, escaped German POWs, and a cryptic old journal from WWII that may tie them all together.
As if that isn’t enough, Trent is inexplicably receiving ghostly visits from his deceased wife.
In the newly published LAND OF MY SOJOURN, Carter is back; this time Trent is swept into a convoluted mystery involving political assassination, a secret paramilitary organization, a missing helicopter, two missing girls, and the inexplicable presence of a ghostly Ute Indian warrior who may help bring Trent face to face with his own family’s troubled past.
LAND OF MY SOJOURN spans 150 years, from the Civil War through the infamous Colfax County War to the present; from the Goodnight-Loving cattle drives to the gold fields of Elizabethtown; and from colonial Santa Fe to present day Amsterdam. Along the way, we meet some of Trent’s earliest ancestors, along with the larger-than-life historic characters who helped to forge the history of New Mexico during some of its wildest and bloodiest days.
(Available at in paperback, Kindle ebook, and Kindle Unlimited)

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