Putting the Genie Back Into the Battle

"Many a soldier was denied their well deserved "welcome home" immediately following their experiences endured before and after the American Vietnam War. I would be so bold to say that the nation still grapples with how to help its veterans of many conflicts efficiently cope with their nightmares and find their new normals. What Mr.… Continue reading Putting the Genie Back Into the Battle



REVIEWS FOR “LAND OF MY SOJOURN--A Trent Carter Novel,” by Richard Trice (BOOK 2 OF THE NEW MEXICO TRILOGY) The author is not just a good story-teller and historian, he gets into his characters' emotional lives, often in scenes that many readers can recognize as familiar with their own life stories.   "Land of my… Continue reading REVIEWS ARE IN FOR “LAND OF MY SOJOURN”

Book #2 of Trilogy Now Available

(To Order, click here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1676746927) The first two historical novels in my “Trent Carter” series, set in Northern New Mexico, are available now, through Amazon.com. In the introductory novel, ACT OF CONTRITION, Trent Carter is a sixty-something, washed up veteran and retired cop recuperating from injuries physical, mental, and emotional. He blames himself for his… Continue reading Book #2 of Trilogy Now Available