REVIEWS FOR “LAND OF MY SOJOURN–A Trent Carter Novel,” by Richard Trice


The author is not just a good story-teller and historian, he gets into his characters’ emotional lives, often in scenes that many readers can recognize as familiar with their own life stories.
“Land of my Sojourn” is a superb look at the darkness and light in ourselves and our fellow humans, and it is the tension between those extremes which build or destroy our towns, businesses, political systems and families.
if you are not hooked by about page 40 and determined to consume it all, I will be stunned.
Mr. Trice puts you in the moment, making you feel like you’re right there with the characters.
… there’s something for everyone in this well written tale.
I wanted to devour the story and at the same time go slow to savor the concise descriptions.
The author’s style and skill are as well honed as that of any bestselling author. Truly one of the best novels I’ve read in the past year.
The vivid imagery within the pages of this book is nothing short of amazing . . . You will not be disappointed by this book!
I’m usually hesitant to read a sequel for fear of it falling flat, but this sequel to Act of Contrition didn’t disappoint!
The writing is very descriptive and is as if I were there or watching the movie. This book has it all: action, mystery, history, romance, etc.
The history and intrigue that follows several families over 150 years quickly drew me in, and I devoured this book in 2 1/2 days. These are characters I respected and cheered for, and won’t forget! Looking forward to Mr. Trice’s next book.

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